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Dear Minister 

The 'Dear Minister' course provides instruction on writing

  • correspondence
  • Question Time Briefs
  • 'action' briefings

Intended participants
People who need to write better documents for a political leader, whether they are a Prime Minister, Premier, Minister or Mayor.

Course length
One day

To develop participants' skills in writing ministerial correspondence, question time briefs and ministerial 'For Action' briefings.

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The objectives of this course are to help participants

  • to improve their knowledge of the grammatical, punctuation and stylistic requirements of these three types of documents
  • to write simply and concisely
  • to create clear and logical arguments
  • to understand the emotional and intellectual needs of correspondents
  • to place these three documents in their appropriate social, political and professional contexts
  • to write question time briefs that meet the needs of their minister
  • to create submissions that are accurate, timely and relevant
  • to anticipate the needs of a political leader as they develop submissions


Dear Minister

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