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Francis Walsh

One of Australia's most successful training providers, Francis Walsh brings energy, enthusiasm and a profound insight into the subjects he teaches.

While attending a Francis Walsh training course, you will experience the pleasure of learning in a friendly, supportive and stimulating professional atmosphere.

See how many organisations send their staff to his courses. Check the evaluations of those who have attended.


Training Philosophy

Francis Walsh's approach to teaching encourages participants to share a unique combination of intellectual and emotional experiences. With a focus on the practical, participants learn while directly experiencing an aspect of communication. This creates a learning response that is both profound and long lasting.

That is why Rushworth Consultancy is proud to say that Francis Walsh is an outstanding teacher with a national reputation. Check the evaluations of the thousands of people who have attended his courses.




Teaching Experience

Francis Walsh has taught communication, negotiation, meetings skills and almost all writing skills including such forms as fiction, media, speech, editing, electronic and government. He has taught at tertiary institutions and in a vast number of private sector and public sector organisations.


Writing Experience

Francis Walsh has written short fiction, advertising, computer manuals, government policy documents, newsletters, communication texts, dictionaries, punctuation and grammar texts, Budget Papers, websites, ebooklets, newspaper feature articles and much more. He has edited, designed and published books in subjects as varied as art, anthropology, politics, communication, archaeology, social welfare, statistics and linguistics.













Francis Walsh


Creator of the Alignment Program

Francis Walsh has developed one of the most extraordinary insights into the way we think, communicate and behave. It is called 'Infra Language'. Through understanding this structural language that all humans use, you can gain a deeper perception of and more powerful managerial control of your organisation.
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