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Permissions for Photographs


Government on Tweet Street

Francis Walsh © with kind permission of Mark Lobo
High view outdoor coffee bar © Ailenn [Dreamstime.com]
Blue jeans street
© Renkshot [Dreamstime.com]
Bike traffic light
© DRX [Dreamstime.com]
Girl on cell phone purple
© Diego [Dreamstime.com]
Street party
© Devonyu [Dreamstime.com]
Young man looking at phone © Seannnnn [Dreamstime.com]
Young man looking at phone turned away ©  Seannnnn [Dreamstime.com]

Outdoor cafe ©  Sonyoe [Dreamstime.com]
Busy street ©  Orogo [Dreamstime.com]
Man on beach with laptop ©  Lunamarina [Dreamstime.com]
Medical student  ©  Dreamfrank [Dreamstime.com]
Keyboard ©  Kilenda [Dreamstime.com]
Women looking at Blackberry ©  Fotoksa [Dreamstime.com]
Business team looking at computer ©  Arne 9001 [Dreamstime.com]
Business people looking at laptop ©  Nyul [Dreamstime.com]
Older people with laptop ©  Yuri_arcur [Dreamstime.com]
Five friends ©  Svitlana [Dreamstime.com]
Many people ©  Svitlana [Dreamstime.com]
Hands ©  Raphotogravure [Dreamstime.com]
Rushhour ©  Svlumagraphic [Dreamstime.com]
Businessman showing phone ©  Kiriak [Dreamstime.com]
Woman speaking on phone  ©  Lerbine [Dreamstime.com]
Man with satchel  ©  Dewmil [Dreamstime.com]
Cross © Automalcon [Dreamstime.com]
Man thinking  ©  Asbelp [Dreamstime.com]
Flowers and woman © Corordina [Dreamstime.com]
Indefatigable © WDV [Dreamstime.com]
Smiling woman ©  Schritt  [Dreamstime.com]
Chairs in a row  ©  HSphotos1 [Dreamstime.com]
Feet on a street © Colamban [Dreamstime.com]
Woman on phone  ©  OwRad [Dreamstime.com]
Road  ©  Pergad89 [Dreamstime.com]
Stop © Blady [Dreamstime.com]
Blue distant girl and boy © Instima [Dreamstime.com]
Looking © Instima [Dreamstime.com]
Legs Running © KPnF [Dreamstime.com]
Flower © Wilmn [Dreamstime.com]
Applause © Flortm [Dreamstime.com]



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