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Rushworth Consultancy





Established in 1989, the Rushworth Consultancy Pty Ltd provides high quality services to people and organisations that need to communicate well.

Rushworth Consultancy
analyses, advises and provides professional development support to over 270 client organisations throughout Australia.

Writing Skills Support
Rushworth Consultancy's writing skills support services are made available primarily through organisational writing courses. Our key programs focus on office and managerial writing skills. We also provide specialist courses in writing government documents, including correspondence, question time briefs, ministerial briefings, and in editing and Internet writing programs.

Organisational Communication Support
Rushworth Consultancy's practice includes a range of services designed to ensure that written and verbal communication is aimed precisely at managers, executives, government ministers and boards. The Alignment Program provides a unique, powerful and practical approach to ensure that all organisational messages are efficient and effective.







Rushworth Consultancy       

  • easy to work with

  • highly professional

  • well-targeted services

  • excellent results over twenty years

    If you would like to know more, please email Rushworth Consultancy at businessmanager@franciswalsh.com

    or write to:

    Business Manager

    Rushworth Consultancy Pty Ltd

    PO Box 1093

    KENMORE QLD  4069


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