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  Useful Links    

A warm welcome to all writers. This page has many of the links to web sites I may have mentioned during a training course you have attended.

All the names under the headings are links.

If you wish to add a link, please use the hyperlink below.

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Rushworth Consultancy tries to ensure that the web sites on this page are relevant but it is not responsible for anything you find once you click on a link. Please contact Rushworth if a link doesn't work or is, in some way, inappropriate.

Ask Oxford
Dictionary of the English Language
Word Web Pro
Rhyming Dictionary
Alliteration Dictionary
NetLingo Internet Dictionary
Synonyms and Antonyms
Oxford English Dictionary

Web Style Guide
Yale Web Style Guide

Literacy and Numeracy
National Institute for Literacy
National Center for Education Statistics

Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar Book

English Grammar
Grammar Now
Grammar Safari
English Plus
Mary Nell's Grammar Summaries and Explanations
Grammar Exercises
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Daily Grammar
Grammar Slammer
The Internet Grammar of English
Traditional English Grammar
Grammar Mechanics and Usage

Free Translation

For the love of allegory














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Latest Hot Links

Need to know more about copywriting?

Here's an excellent, practical guide if you are just starting out.

Thanks to Mia Jenkins at Good Ink Studio for this one. And, good luck to Megan with her studies.

Copywriting for Beginners

Plain English
British Plain English Campaign
The Write Stuff
Garbl's Writing Centre
The Underground Grammarian
Writing That Works
Word Centre 
Jargon Buster

Rhetorical Devices
Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

Plain Italian

Style Manuals
Contents of 'Style Manual'
HW Fowler, The King's English
Usage, Style and Composition
Guide to Grammar and Style
Jack Lynch's Guide to Writing and Style

Flesch Reading Ease
Readability Check
How to Write Plain English: Rudolph Flesch
Are Your Materials at the Appropriate Reading Level?
Readability Test
Flesch Reading Ease
of Famous Books


Spelling Test
Spell Check

Spell it Right
Simplified Spelling

Australian Word Map
Word Map


Apostrophe Protection Society
Save the Apostrophe

Editing Services

Writing Guidelines, Dictionaries and References

Web Writing
Writing for the Web

The Columbia Guide to Online Style

Writing Resources

Indispensable Writing Resources


Etymology and History of First Names

Online Etymology Dictionary
The Science of Word Histories
NewsRadio Word Watch

Writing Support
Ask Oxford
Grammar, Usage and Style Links

Web Grammar
Owl English Writing Support
Learning English Online
English Online


Punctuation: Canada
Punctuation Made Simple
The Philosophy of Punctuation
Gallery of Misused Quote Marks

Plagiarism Protection

More Shakespeare


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