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Why You

Let's Slam Spam

Spam is worse than irritating. At Rushworth,
we believe spam damages our relationships with our clients as our messages and yours get lost in a spam swamp.

We have business relationships hundreds of government organisations at Commonwealth, State and Local Government levels. Thousands of people have enjoyed Francis Walsh's training courses for nearly twenty years. We also currently have an e-mail relationship with over 4000 individual public sector workers who ask for information, attend courses, request customised in-house courses and offer suggestions. Spam gets in the way.

We strongly support the Commonwealth anti-spam law (the Spam Act 2003) that will help us to provide you with the services that have been so popular for so long. We need to ensure you can choose to receive our messages and, when we send them, we need to be sure you are registered with us.

That's why you need to opt-in.

If you don't opt-in, Rushworth Consultancy
will NOT:

  • send you approximately six e-mails a year telling you where and when our public sector courses are on

  • inform you about Francis Walsh's ground-breaking communication-at-work courses

  • tell you about our FREE downloadable

All of this information may be sent to you,
if you

Of course, you can opt-out any time without obligation of any kind.
We have an 'opt-out' button at the bottom of every email we send.

With your support, Rushworth will continue to provide the best possible help for public sector staff. We're on your side.






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