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Participants' Comments


Read some of the comments of people who have attended Francis Walsh's training courses.

'Was worried at the start because I thought it might be boring. What an eye opener!'

'Great course. Very well presented. The course was extremely relevant to me.'

'Loved the course.'

'Excellent balance between the practical and the theoretical providing an opportunity to actually "get it".'

'Excellent. Entertaining.'

'Brilliant. I learned a lot. It filled in a lot of gaps.'

'Presenter was outstanding. Highly emotionally intelligent and got the best out of the audience. Nice one!'

'Very relevant information provided.'

'Excellent. Highly applicable and included examples relevant to the groups' experience.'

'Thank you, Francis. You are inspiring.'

'Excellent. Should be compulsory for authors in government.'

'Francis is captivating and extremely interesting to listen to! Thank you.'

'I appreciated Francis being so supportive.'


'Really enjoyed it. Thank you.'

'Enjoyable! Never thought I'd say that about a course teaching writing.'

'Brilliant teacher. Very knowledgeable and engages students to well. Caters for all levels and backgrounds.'

'Excellent presenting from Francis. Very educational and appropriate.'

'Most informative. Easy-going style and effective presentation.'

'I actually thought that I would be bored but I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I'm looking at doing another as soon as I can.'

'I wish there had been time for more.'

'Excellent course.'

'I found Francis to be excellent. His teaching/presenting skills are very informative and interesting. I believe I have gained a lot from the course and look forward to attending another in the future.'

'It was great. Very informative.'

'Well presented course. Informative and useful information.'


'Thoroughly enjoyable and comprehensive.'

'Fantastic. Should be a requirement before we are trusted to provide any advice.'







Find out more about the courses.

Find out more about the courses.


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